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Welcome to Heal!

We're excited you joined our practice! Here's everything you need to know to get started.

Before Your First Visit

1. Submit New Client Form

If you have not done so already, please fill out and submit a New Client Form.

2. Gather Medical Records

Please contact your previous veterinarian(s) and ask them to email all medical records (including doctor's exam notes, labwork, and any imaging like x-rays) to us at We are happy to assist you with this process - just ask!

3. Optional - Schedule Onboarding Call

If your pet has behavioral concerns you'd like to discuss in advance, we are happy to set up a phone call with one of our technicians or our Behavioral Consultant, Dot Baisly. We can discuss how to reduce stress during your visits, including handling strategies, pre-visit medications for anxiety or aggression, curbside appointments and "Happy Visits" (appointments that help get your pet used to seeing us without any scary needles or medical procedures! 


Your First Appointment

Free Parking

  • Free parking is available behind our building in a private lot. We have a back entrance to the clinic for your convenience. Got an electric car? Charge it while you're here!

Call When you Arrive

  • Wait in your car and call 617-932-5166 to let us know you've arrived. We will coordinate your entry into the building to manage foot and paw traffic. If you do not have a car to wait in, let us know!

  • We require masks inside the building at all times. We are happy provide you with one.

  • There is no waiting room at Heal; once you enter the building, we will bring you into a private and comfortable exam room. Our exam rooms are furnished with chairs or couches instead of metal exam tables. Heal's medical staff will sit on the floor or couch with your pet during your visit.

Wrap-Up and Follow-Up

  • No need to wait in line to pay your bill - a technician will check you out in the exam room. Most of our clients keep a credit card on file with us for easy and secure payment.

  • We will send you a detailed, personalized summary after every appointment, along with your receipt

  • We will send follow up emails after any treatments or sick visits to make sure your pet is doing well.

Heal Vet Basics

Low-Stress Patient Care

  • Every staff member is specially trained in low-stress handling techniques, and we work hard to personalize care for each and every patient. We intentionally designed the building to help create happier vet visits. We room every patient immediately (no waiting in a lobby!), we have a cat-only exam room, and lots of comfortable furniture for you -- and your pet -- to sit on. No metal exam tables here!

A Highly Trained, Cohesive Medical Team 

  • We are a six doctor practice with both full and part-time vets.

  • Our doctors practice collaboratively; you are welcome to see multiple doctors for your pet's care to maximize appointment availability.

  • If you find a vet you really get along with, we can preferentially schedule you with them. Just ask! Your preferred vet may not always match your availability, especially if you need something urgently. Willingness to see one of our other providers (when needed) is highly recommended. 

Wide-Ranging Services

  • We offer a wide range of services, including wellness care, vaccines, diagnostics, surgery, dental work, acupuncture, and laser therapy. We also work with a number of board certified specialty providers and referral hospitals.

Prescriptions and Pharmacy

Same-Day and Next-Day Appointments 

Urgent Phone Triage

After Hours Care via V.E.G.

Resources for 24 Hour Emergency Care

Urgent and Emergency Care

Same-Day and Next-Day Appointments 

  • If your pet has an urgent need, please call us. We will do our best to help you as soon as possible. Same-Day appointments are limited and occasionally book up, but we often have the ability to address very urgent needs the same (or next) day.

Urgent Phone Triage

  • Not sure if you're experiencing an emergency? Call us first.

  • Depending on the nature of the situation we may 1) schedule an urgent appointment 2)  ask you to come in to be triaged or 2) advise you to go directly to an urgent care or emergency hospital.

After Hours Care via V.E.G.

  • If you call us after hours, you will have the option of being transferred immediately to our partner, Veterinary Emergency Group. A veterinarian, not a receptionist, will answer the phone to assist you. They have multiple locations, the closest one located five minutes from Heal in Cambridge. See VEG Cambridge.

Resources for 24 Hour Emergency Care


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