COVID-19 Information

Hello Everyone,

Heal is currently open but we have had to dramatically change our operation in order to keep our staff, patients, and clients safe and we are really sorry to everyone for the disruption this will cause.  The risk we face is that if our staff gets sick we will have to shut the hospital down, and not be able to take care of our patients.  So we have to play it safe.  Darned Virus!

Please read the sections below on how we plan to provide care for your pet.  


You can come in with your pet.  We are limiting clinic visits to one person per appointment.  All visitors need to be masked, and we have masks for anyone who needs one.  It's been great having you all back in the rooms with us!  If you are sick or have been exposed to COVID recently please choose curbside appointments.

We can do curbside if you or your pet want it.  We can bring your pet in, and then phone conference you in to our exam rooms while you wait in the parking lot in the comfort of your vehicle.   All the paperwork and payments are done over the phone.  Just think: curbside valet service for your pet – so awesome and cool we should have thought of this amazing deal before!  This works well for many situations:

  • Your pet does better when you are not there

  • You are sick or have been exposed to COVID

  • You are not able to wear a mask

  • You are doing a drop-off for a surgery or long procedure. 

Whatever way you want to do it, call us when you arrive and we will start the appointment on the phone to gather history and make a plan for your visit.  It's taking a bit longer to manage the flow of pets through the doors with social distancing, so the initial call is helpful. 

What if you want or need to get care but are under quarantine, or unable to travel?     We do a lot of Telemedicine visits  using FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, Google Meet/Duo, or other means.  Call us if you need a service like this and we can discuss what technology to use and if your pet’s issues make sense for it.

Medications for Your Pet   Call ahead and we will fill your prescription and take payment over the phone. All meds for pickup will be available in a drop box in our rear parking lot entrance foyer.   Its easy!


Or, you can use our online pharmacy for direct home delivery. Click the "Shop Now" button on the Pharmacy page of our website for our online pharmacy options.  Using our pharmacies is a great way to support your local vet in this time of economic dislocation.  We are very sorry but we are not able to fill prescriptions on Chewy or other third party pharmacies since it is a drain on our limited time.  We can email you prescription forms to be filled at local pharmacies if needed.