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Nancy's paintings hang in our lobby and Orange room

I started drawing the faces around me as a child, and started painting with oils at age 12 — though I would later stop painting for over 20 years. Then, as a local dog walker snapping quick shots of those who surround me during the day, I found that the images that emerged were begging to be put on canvas. It’s not so much that I’m fascinated by faces, but by the portrayal of their expressions and their stories using small brushes on big canvases. Always, some essence behind the features comes through, and it’s the magic of that slow, unraveling revelation that has me transfixed in this endeavor of painting faces. There is no other motive; no hidden meanings, no socio-political agenda, no deeper statements on the subconscious mind or the human condition. Just dogs being dogs and people being people. Sometimes, we’re not so different.


Philip's photos are in the lobby, green room, and cat room

Dog Eared Photography is a custom portrait studio in Belmont specializing in eye-opening photographs of pets & their people.

What can I tell you?… dogs make me laugh and they make me cry.  Dogs wear their emotions on their sleeve.  If they have sleeves.  I like it when they run over, jump up, put their paws on my shoulders, lick my face.  I hate that lick but I love it.  You know what I mean.

Cats, though, wear an aura of mystery all around themselves - looks like fur, feels like fur, coats their frames and follows them around like a finely fitted body-suit.  It’s an illusion though, a cloak of secrecy disguising their mischievous intent.  POUNCE!  It’s always in their eyes and I try to capture that.


Amy's prints are in the Cat room

Amy Titus is an illustrator from Massachusetts. She graduated in 2015 with a BFA in Illustration from Montserrat College of Art. Most of her work is intended for children and is focused on animals, nature and magical realism. When she needs a break from making that kind of art, she draws black and white comics. Her first comic zine, Casual Weirdo, was completed in 2018. She works in both traditional and digital media and is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. She really likes trees and dogs.


Anna's work is in the lobby and Cat room


I am an illustrator with a passion for natural sciences, or maybe a natural scientist with a passion for visual arts. Either way, what drives me forward is the combination of nature and art.

My passion for natural sciences led me to obtain a degree in Geology and a MSc in Environmental Sciences (Barcelona, Spain). Last year, I also finished a PhD in Evolutionary Biology at the University of Zürich (Switzerland).

My foray into visual arts started during my PhD, when I became interested in scientific illustration as a tool scientists can use to improve the impact of their research. This led me naturally to pursue the path of illustration and design professionally after finishing my graduate studies. Since 2016 I have been sharpening my art skills by taking courses in graphic design, illustration and scientific illustration, and gaining professional experience as a freelancer.

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