You have several options for getting medications for your pet.   Choose the option that fits you best:

  • Online price matching

  • Easy-Dose and Auto-ship options

  • Supported by Heal's customer service

  • Seamless Rx approval by our vets

  • Manufacturer’s rebates apply

  • 10% off your first order

  • Shop Local!

Heal Vet Online Store

Looking for home delivery? Start with our new online store for competitive pricing and on-demand, seamless prescription approval from our vets.

We partner with Midwest Vet (MVSO), a trusted prescription distribution warehouse that also supplies our in-house pharmacy.  Every purchase directly supports Heal.


Use coupon code HEALVET10 for 10% off your first purchase.

We think it's easy to use, but click here for registration instructions, or call us for help.


Heal Vet In-house Pharmacy

and Special Requests

Heal stocks many medications in our pharmacy here at the clinic.  This is particularly helpful when you need something quickly.  You can pick up from us, or get your meds within one to two days when we ship USPS. 

Additional services we can offer:

  • Compounded medications specially formulated for your pet's situation

  • Providing you with a script for use at a local human pharmacy

  • Special orders

  • Direct mailing or courier service if you can not travel

Whenever you need some thing from us either call our main number at 617-932-5166 or use this quick web form.

Note: controlled substance medications can't be mailed so are only available for pick up from us


Choose an area to learn more about the additional options available

Purina portal    |    Script-out to local pharmacies     |     Ordering Hills food 

 Vetsource     |     3rd party online pharmacies     |     The dangers of online Rx

Purina Portal

Free shipping, money-back guarantee and easy ordering for all Purina prescriptions and non-prescription foods and treats.


Heal’s Clinic ID is FVY0W (that is a zero not an "o")

or find us by searching our 02472 zip code.

Make sure to check the discount codes - they are great.

Discount Codes


Script-out to local pharmacies

There are some controlled substances or medications that are best obtained from a local ‘human’ pharmacy.  We can call in prescriptions to a pharmacy for pickup.  Use our Rx Request Form, or call or email us to arrange for that.


We like the following local companies (and we really hate dealing with CVS!)



Hills Pet Foods

We have discontinued direct orders from Hills, but you can get all their foods from the Heal online store or our older store Vetsource.


We will maintain the original Heal online store from Vetsource, so if you have an existing good relationship with them, or standing orders or order history you want to preserve, no problem.  You will probably find better pricing on our new store, but that may depend on the specific product.

3rd party online pharmacies


The final option, and the worst one for us in every possible way, is if you want to buy your products from a third-party online pharmacy like Chewey or 800-Petmeds.  In this case we can send you a paper prescription form that you can use to facilitate your order.

Information about dangers online

From Clinician's Brief, the leading journal in the veterinary industry, focused exclusively on real-world applications of veterinary drugs in clinical practice, with leading names in therapeutics and pharmacology.  

Online Pharmacies: Are They Created Equal?

"Online pharmacies are a dime a dozen and a quick internet search will return many options. Well-meaning veterinary clients sometimes turn to the internet to find less expensive medications for their pet; however, although it is understandable that clients want to save money, it is important that patient care is not sacrificed with the use of poor quality medications.


"Most online pharmacies do provide clients with less expensive options, increased medication variety, and convenience, but some may provide medications that are counterfeit, expired, contaminated, or otherwise substandard."


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