Dr. Amanda K. Leef

DVM, Practice Owner

Dr. Amanda Leef’s journey to practice ownership started when she caught a snake as a small child. She graduated in 2003 from Michigan State University’s DVM program and since then has worked in rural mixed animal practices, high-volume spay-neuter programs, animal shelters, and urban small-animal practices. She has been involved in the animal welfare community including delivering training programs for animal service workers and collaborating with non-profits.

Dr. Beth Waisburd


Dr. Beth Waisburd received her undergraduate and veterinary degrees from Cornell University, then went on to complete a rotating internship in surgery and medicine at Purdue University. Beth practiced all over the country before landing in Boston in 2008.

Even with more than twenty years of experience, Beth welcomes the opportunity to expand her knowledge and learn new techniques. She has advanced training in ultrasound and dentistry and gained her certification in veterinary acupuncture in 2014. Above all else, it is the relationship with her clients and patients which continually feeds Beth’s passion to practice. Outside of the clinic, you can find Beth enjoying yoga, eating new flavors of ice cream or spending time with the men in her life - her husband, her two teenage boys and her crazy dog, George.

Dr. Kristie Mientka


Dr. Kristie Mientka grew up in Amherst, Massachusetts and completed her pre-veterinary degree at U-Mass. Before earning her veterinary degree from the Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine in 2014, she interned with the Humane Society of the United States in their farm animal welfare section in Washington, DC. During vet school, she traveled to Udaipur, India where she worked at an animal shelter and developed her passion for international veterinary medicine. Since then, she has worked at the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals hospital in Dublin, Ireland and the Animal Rescue Kingdom in Chiang Mai, Thailand. She spent 3-1/2 years working as a vet at a small animal practice in Sydney, Australia before moving back to Massachusetts. Kristie enjoys exploring Boston neighborhood with her husband, Sam. She is also an avid runner, and has completed three marathons in the last year. When she’s not at Heal, you can find her teaching spin classes in Boston or hanging out with her two Aussie cats, Wesley and Trundle.

Dr. Leigh Davis


Dr. Davis grew up in nearby Carlisle, MA, riding horses and teaching riding lessons. She enjoyed geeking out about various equine diseases and how to care for sick or wounded animals, leading her to a veterinary career. After undergrad at Williams College, she attended the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine, graduating in 2016. After graduation, Dr. Davis spent three years in Philadelphia at a veterinary hospital specializing in primary and emergency care for cats and dogs. There she focused on partnering with clients to form treatment plans best suited to their individual needs. Dr. Davis is thrilled to be back in the Boston area, joining Heal Vet in 2019. She lives in Newton with her husband and their dog, Ollie. In her free time, she enjoys running, hiking, cross-country skiing, and cooking.

Dr. Jiaming Huang


Dr. Jiaming Huang grew up within the city of Boston and became interested in veterinary medicine after engrossing himself in James Herriot's novels in middle school. He began by volunteering his time at the MSPCA-Angell in Jamaica Plain and later found rewarding experiences caring for injured wildlife at NEWC and Tufts Wildlife Center. He earned his undergraduate degree from Cornell University and his doctorate from Tufts University Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, graduating in 2021. He is enthusiastic about practicing in his hometown, where he hopes to encourage and support the human-animal bond by connecting with people and their pets. In his spare time, he enjoys cooking new recipes, swimming and weightlifting, and playing video games.

Arianna Enos

Front Desk Team & Office Admin

Arianna grew up avidly watching Animal Planet and taking care of many pocket pets as well as her beloved cat Ace, who was with her from crib to high school graduation. Her first dog was an elderly chihuahua mix her family foster-failed through the local shelter where she volunteered.

She transitioned from working in a primary care physician office to a veterinary hospital in 2018 and realized that's where she belongs. Her human medicine background helped her learn veterinary medicine with ease - she's accidentally referred to the client as a patient only once or twice! In her free time she can be found at home with her cat, Luna, in her lap at all times or out supporting the local arts scene in Boston.

Ashley Curry, Front Desk Team

Front Desk Team

Ashley grew up in central Mass but Waltham has been home since 2012. She managed a small kennel for years then decided to try corporate world... and quickly realized that wasn’t for her! She has a small zoo at home consisting of four dogs, a cat, two snakes, a bearded dragon, and a leopard gecko. Her family wouldn’t be complete without them! When not home with the pets, Ashley loves to be out exploring with her daughter and her wife. They all love the traveling, especially to where there is water! They spend the summer swimming as often as they can.

Heather Fontaine-Doyle

Front Desk Team and Technician Assistant

Capricia Graves

Front Desk Team

Capricia is a West Coast native and has been interested in animals, mostly horses and other farm animals, from a young age. She moved to Massachusetts in 2010. Outside of vet work, Capricia loves sewing, videogames, seeing as many movies as possible, and hanging out with her cat, Pixel. She is pictured her with our hospital cat Phoebe - photo by Philip Bundman who you can reach on our Art page.

Chelsea McElroy

Front Desk Team and Tech Assist

Chelsea moved to Massachusetts with her pit mix Augie after serving in the United States Army. She comes to Heal Vet with experience in animal sheltering, adoptions, and animal behavior. She has an extensive record collection and loves to find new albums in local records stores in her free time.

Lauren Ulm

Front Desk Team, Office Admin, Vet Tech

Lauren is originally from the Midwest (Illinois and Wisconsin) and has been living in Massachusetts since 2001. She’s been in working in veterinary care since 2010, and her experience includes humane societies, house calls, nursing, high volume spay and neuter, private practice and non-profit management, and specialty orthopedics.

Lauren joined our team in August 2020. She loves people just as much as she loves animals, so working at Heal is “a dream come true.” Lauren shares her house with a smart and cuddly brown tabby rescue named Bisti, and very much misses the pair of rescue greyhounds she cared for over ten years. Outside of work, Lauren is usually cooking, fermenting, foraging for wild edible plants, going for a run, lifting weights, or playing fetch with her cat.

Kayla deMelo

Veterinary Technician

Kayla has found found her place in surgery here at Heal Vet! Mainly interested in anesthesia, Kayla spends most days helping with the surgery side of things but you will catch her in appointments every once in a while, too. She started her career as a technician working in Oncology at MSPCA in Boston before doing some work with Boston Animal Control. She lives in Somerville and has been a part of the Heal team since April 2021. Other than working in veterinary medicine, Kayla spends her free time reading, watching Netflix, or hanging out with her puppy, Korra! She hopes to attend vet school one day and work in either ER or anesthesia.

Carol Leung

Veterinary Technician

Erin Leroy

Veterinary Technician, Shift Leader

Erin joined the team Heal with three years previous experience working at in small animal practice. She studied Biology and Psychology at Northeastern University and is now attending The Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University.

Since joining the team at Heal, she has had a passion for learning more about surgery/anesthesia, as well as the strong shelter connections we have formed in the area. She also hopes to complete her Fear-Free certification to ensure an easy, low-stress experience for each patient. Outside of work, she also volunteers with the New England Aquarium's medical center, spends time with her family and friends, and hangs with her two dogs Teddy and Penny and her cat Gillie.

No, Erin is not a cat, but until she gives us a picture we will represent her with this cute kitten with a slightly intense look in her eye.

Esther Gilbert

Veterinary Technician

Esther has lived in Brookline her whole life. She has befriended all of the neighborhood cats and enjoys watching the backyard squirrels munch on sunflower seeds through her window. Esther has always had a furry friend by her side and intends to keep it that way! She currently has pet rats, gerbils, mice, and a loving yet particular cat, Bella (don’t worry, Bella is separated from the rats!) In her free time, Esther enjoys playing with her menagerie of animals, reading, and tossing a frisbee.

Esther is a pre-veterinary student at Boston University studying Biology and Marine Science. She joins our team at Heal with prior experience working with wildlife, exotics, and small animals. She is a Level 3 Fear Free Certified Professional and is studying to complete Sophia Yin’s Low-Stress Handling Certification. Esther is eager to expand her knowledge of veterinary medicine at Heal!

Jamila Mirzazade

Veterinary Technician

Jamila was born and raised in Baku, Azerbaijan and moved to the United States with her family in 2013. Her deep love for natural sciences, flora and fauna led her to pursue a biology degree at Clark University in Worcester, MA. during the summer before her junior year she traveled to Ecuador and volunteered at Yana Cocha Wildlife refuge in the Amazon rainforest. There she realized that working with animals can combine her passions of biology and exploring new places, interacting with nature and animals. Upon returning from her trip, she joined the staff of Worcester Cat Hospital and Bird Clinic and became familiar with many different species including reptiles, birds, rodents and cats.

Confident now that she wanted to work with animals, she finally had an answer to the question every college student faces: what to be as an adult. She moved to Boston area after graduation and joined our team at Heal. Here, for the first time, she was able to work with dogs and fell in love with them! Currently living in Boston, she enjoys volunteering, listening to music, dancing and spending time with her friends all while finding her place in the large and exciting field of veterinary medicine.

Sarah Hemstock

Veterinary Technician

Jessie Haestad

Veterinary Technician

Jessie is a current student at the The Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University. After starting her career in human medicine she realized that veterinary medicine was a better fit for her after one of her cats fell ill in 2015. Jessie entered the field as an assistant at an emergency and specialty hospital in New York, where she eventually became a technician. After moving to Cambridge she began working in general practice, and she continues working as a technician to help hone her clinical skills and to keep herself grounded throughout her veterinary education.

If Jessie isn’t in class or at Heal, you can find her at the local climbing gym. She also enjoys cooking, reading, and spending time with her adorable cats – Potato and Smudge.

Sanaa Jabar

Veterinary Technician

Sarah Leger

Veterinary Technician, Shift Leader

Sarah was born and raised in the Metrowest area of MA and has always had a love for animals. She first entered the veterinary field as a receptionist in 2009 at a busy general practice. From then on Sarah knew this was a career path she wanted to take. Her experience grew from working in a kennel setting, training to be a technician assistant to becoming a veterinary technician at 24 hour emergency hospital. She has spent the last few years working in a general practice and is eager to advance her skills and knowledge.

In her free time Sarah loves being outdoors, going for walks, and cooking and spending time with family and friends.

Leah Pappas-Barnes, CVT

Veterinary Technician, Shift Leader

Leah is a life-long Massachusetts resident who took a winding path to get to Heal. Her interest in veterinary medicine began after adopting her senior dog, Nana, in 2015 and helping her live out her golden years. Wanting to bring the same love and passion she had while caring for Nana-dog to others, she enrolled in North Shore Community College’s Animal Care program and then their Veterinary Technology program, and she graduated in 2020. Leah began at Heal as an intern in 2019 and couldn’t be happier to have found her place here. We are so proud of her for passing the Veterinary Technician National Exam earning her the title of Certified Veterinary Technician. She has also completed Sophia Yin’s Low-Stress Handling certification.

Outside of work, she enjoys dance parties, avant garde fashion, wicked long mountain bike adventures, figuring out how to eat potatoes at every meal and hanging with her two excellent kitties - Marcel and Olive. She not-so-secretly wishes she was in a prog rock band.

Samantha Pattie

Veterinary Technician

Sam grew up in Tucson, Arizona and has been around animals her entire life. At age 19 she attended a medical institute for veterinary assisting where her formal career working with animals began. Sam moved to Boston in 2017 and brought along Gideon (her cat) Shinji (her Shiba Inu) and Michael (her human partner.) In the vet clinic, Sam enjoys seeing appointments but has recently been mastering veterinary surgical support.

In her spare time, Sam loves reading, writing, cooking and singing. She enjoys exploring the Boston area and spending time with her animals and partner.

Amber Pickering

Veterinary Technician

Lindsay Webster, CVT

Veterinary Technician, Shift Leader

Lindsay comes to Heal with more than ten years of experience working in various aspects of veterinary medicine, including small-animal general practice, emergency and specialty care practice, practice management and staff training. She has specific interests in surgery, emergency medicine, and inpatient care with a passion for client education. Lindsay looks forward to pursuing her Fear-Free Certification.

In her free time, Lindsay enjoys the beach, scrap-booking and photography. She loves spending time with her husband and son doing anything outdoors. In addition to the two men in her life, Lindsay shares her home with a dog and two cats.

Jamie Leef

General Manager

Jamie applies years of experience with project management, entrepreneurship, sustainability, customer-service sensitivity, and business process efficiency to our family table. His job is to steer the ship toward success.