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Waitlist for New Clients

We are not taking new clients at this time. We only have enough schedule availability for the clients and pets who we have already made a commitment to serve. 

But our wait list is open, so let us know if you want to be added.

A better experience for you and your pet
Heal Vet is a full service small animal hospital located in the Mount Auburn neighborhood, at the intersection of Cambridge, Belmont and Watertown MA.  We provide comprehensive services including wellness, urgent care, surgery, dentistry, and specialists. Longer appointments give you more time with the doctor and a deeper understanding of your pet's health. Our specially designed modern facility and staff trained in gentle animal handling techniques reduces the stress that many pets feel at the vet.

Personalized care

We schedule longer appointments to give our vets the time to understand your family’s needs and goals during your office visits.  We will give you options and explain our recommendations so you can feel comfortable choosing the best and most appropriate preventive, medical, and surgical care. 

Low-stress and efficient service

Our staff practices gentle, low-stress handling techniques to help you and your pet have a pleasant experience.  We designed our clinic layout to streamline care, minimize time in the waiting area, and allow check-in and check-out in the exam room.  This eases the journey and minimizes contact between unfamiliar animals. We have two cat-only rooms and a large family room space for when you bring the whole tribe with you.


We also offer paper-free transactions, transparent pricing, and a commitment to privacy and data security.

Comprehensive medicine

Our veterinarians broad experience and surgical skills are complemented by our highly-trained and dedicated staff allowing us to provide a comprehensive range of medical and surgical services.  Care options include visiting specialists and a referral network of great local professionals from acupuncturists to trainers to emergency hospitals We are committed to finding and exploring all options with you to ensure your pet receives quality care whether at Heal or elsewhere. 

With deep roots and experience in the shelter and rescue fields, we believe that a comprehensive practice includes providing care for animals still in search of homes.  We are proud to continue our relationships with local animal welfare organizations. 

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What's the difference between Independent and Corporate?  Check out the video

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